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17/08/2014 | 10:00 | מאת: keren

Hi Doctor Naaman, I have taken Lorivan over a period of a few years (on and Off) for anxiety and inability to sleep. I don't take more than 1 mg a night but know that it is addictive. How can I wean myself off this medication and does it have long term negative effects such as memory loss etc. Sincerely, Keren.

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Keren לטובת שאר משתתפי הפורום וקוראיו, אגיב תחילה בעברית. אני והפורום פסיכולוגיים ועל כן אין אנו עוסקים בתרופות והשלכותיהם. As a psychologist I'm not eligible to respond to questions about the Usage of drugs and their consequences You should refer your questions to your medical doctor

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