Dermatitis perioralis

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21/03/2006 | 17:44 | מאת: ARB

I was defined as suffering from "Dermatitis Perioralis" on my face near my nose. I have been treated with Tetracycline for a week (4x250mg) but that didn't much help What kind of other convential treatment is possible? AND what kinds of natural products are worthwhile to try Many thanks for your prompt reply ARB

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21/03/2006 | 23:32 | מאת: ד"ר אשר יהב

It is not a case for natural products of any kind! One week is a much too short time to judge about the efficacy of any treatment for perioral dermatitis .

25/03/2006 | 00:11 | מאת: ד"ר אשר יהב

one week is a much too short time to judge!

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