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21/10/2008 | 19:48 | מאת: dina

Dear Dr. Feinerman, I saw my excellent aesthetician for regular cleaning of my face. Unfortunately she applied some substance on my face while she cleaned my face that really iritated it AND she quickly removed it. However,after the treatment I noticed some tiny scar on my face. At first my aesthetician claimed it was simply burned AND gave me some Vita Murphen, claiming it will go after a few days. Now that a few weeks passed I still see some scar on my cheek. I wonder whether there is a way to handle such scars.... I live in Jerusalem AND can come to see you. (I live near Misgav Ladah in Katamon). It is not a big scar but I really rather handle it. Thanks, Dina

18/10/2008 | 13:55 | מאת: ravit

Hello, I want to know please if there is a surgery to fix the skin after healling from psoriasis (using daivobet ointment)?

21/10/2008 | 12:32 | מאת: לימור

היי רווית, נראה לי שאם את משתמשת בדייבובט זה אמור ממש לעזור לך ולהעלים את הפצע לחלוטין. פשוט צריך סבלנות... זה ממש שאני יודעת היה אצל חברה טובה שלי.

26/08/2008 | 10:34 | מאת: ,תמי

שלום רציתי לדעת אים אפשר בעזרת המכשיר החדש שלכם גם למתוח בטן וגם להעלים לגמרי סימני מתיחה.

16/06/2008 | 10:45 | מאת: Alma

First I'm sorry if my English is not so good; I have a piece of fat on my shoulder approximately 10 years AND it is growing. Now it is about 7*4 cm AND I appreciate that it's thickness in the thickest location is about 0.5 cm OR more. I want to know if the new method to handle fat with ultrasound (without a surgery) can be effective I refer to what I saw in www.UltraShape.com but if there is another method without a surgery please relate to it) Thanks

Alma, Ultrashape would not be suitable for this piece of fat. The only other thing to do without formal surgery would be suctioning of the fatty tissue. This would have to be done in the operating room but can be done under local anesthesia. Dr. Feinerman

18/07/2008 | 16:42 | מאת: raymond

אני רוצה לשאול על עלות הטיפול בממוצע זאת אומרת פחות או יותר כמה זה עולה למיספר טיפולים ממוצע? ועוד שאלה איפה המקום הקרוב ביותר לאיזור המרכז והאם אפשר להגיע רק להתייעצות לפני הטיפול?

09/06/2008 | 10:11 | מאת: ben

האם השיטה החדשה פועלת גם לגבי ניתוח גניקומסטיה

לקריאה נוספת והעמקה

Ultrashape can be used for gynecomastia if there is a lot of fat in the area but is not helpful if there is more breast tissue. Dr. Feinerman

04/06/2008 | 11:15 | מאת: samsun

u have a thorn cipling that reflexes green light. could you help?

13/05/2008 | 09:42 | מאת: miriam

For years I thought it was fat, but then some years ago at a regular breast check the surgeon said that it is actually excess breast tissue what I have on both sides in my armpits (it looks like a small mini-breast). I get conflicting opinions about whether OR not to operate on it. One surgeon said :"it is nothing, we just cut it out", on the other hand a second opinion said ;"don't touch if you don't need to, it is not an easy operation , with drains etc." The problem is that aesthetically, it bothers me. Is this a common phenomenon ? I'd appreciate your opinion.

Dear Miriam, This is not an unusual problem as many women have some breast tissue deposits in the front of the armpit. If the tissue is mostly fat it could be removed with the suction technique which leaves virtually no scars. If it more firm AND mainly breast tissue then surgery is the only option as it would be difficult to suction this type of tissue. Obviously an evaluation with a plastic surgeon would be advisable

24/04/2008 | 11:02 | מאת: orit

hello, i wanted to know how much breasts lifting cost approximately. thanks a lot . orit.

לקריאה נוספת והעמקה

hello orit, breast lifting costs approximately $5,000 including the cost for use of a surgical facility as an outpatient.

29/03/2008 | 01:01 | מאת: Ran

melt suture?

Ran, I am not sure I understand the question. Are these sutures you do want to dissolve OR do not? if so where are the sutures? Please specify the question more. Thank you

30/03/2008 | 16:16 | מאת: Ran

The sutures R in the palate & they R after the surgery, so I don't want that they melt during the follow 10 days after.

27/03/2008 | 12:49 | מאת: Michal

What is the best technique to treat frown marks between eyes? how long does it last? is it painful?

Michal, There are two components to these lines. One is the muscles that create the frown expression AND the other is the crease created by the frowning. To deactivate the frowning muscles we use Botox to paralyse them. It is not a painful treatment but only lasts about 4-6 months. To treat the crease we use filling material such as Restylane OR Evolence. Each case is individualized as often just the Botox does the trick AND and in another person just filling is needed. Examination by a qualified plastic surgeon can help to determine the best approach. Dr. Feinerman

27/03/2008 | 12:47 | מאת: Yael C.

I heard there is a new technology in breast reduction surgery, which is something like liposuction? Can you tell me about it? Is it with general anesthetic? will the breast sag when the fat is removed?

Yael, You heard correctly. The procedure is best called suction reduction mammaplasty. It has been in use in the U.S. for over 10 years but is new here in Israel. The idea is by using standard liposuction technique you can reduce the breast from its fat content. It is designed for the woman whose major concern is the weight AND bulk of her breasts. It does not reshape the breast. The breast does contract after the procedure but the end result is the breast as it was before but less big AND less dropped. Dr. Feinerman

16/03/2008 | 11:11 | מאת: Shani R

I am a young female AND I have saggy breasts. I know it is not normal for my age AND as a result I have extremely low self esteem, especially when it comes to men. I am wondering whether OR not I would be able to have an operation to uplift my breasts on the NHS? If not, is there anything I can do to help change them without surgery? Thankyou for your time AND help.

operations to improve breast shape are not covered by NHS. As for what is available - only surgical sprocedures which entail incisions - around the nipple complex AND under neath the breast for sagging. depending on the degree of sag sometimes filling the breast with implants helps. Dr. F.

16/03/2008 | 11:09 | מאת: Roni

Hi I saw an article about Ultra-shape in Arutz 2, I'll be happy to hear your opinion.. Thanks

Ultrashape is a good way to treat areas of the mid-section that are out pf balance with the rest of the body in terms of fat depostion. These are - stomach,, love handles AND thighs. You can get more info at my web site - www.feinerman.co.il OR the company's site - ultrashape.com Good surfing! Dr. F

16/03/2008 | 11:08 | מאת: Rebeka S

What about this Mesotherapy that i have been reading about! Would it work with love handels?

mesotherapy in concept is a good idea - injecteing drugs into the fat to help dissolve it. The problem is that there are many ideas as to what is the ideal "cocktail" to inject. there are no good controlled studies about that. To date it has not proven effective for getting rid of unwanted fat deposits with any degree of certainty. The best treatment today for this problem is either suction lipectomy OR Ultrashape treatments. (see my web site - www.feinerman.co.il OR the company site - ultrashape.com Dr. F.

16/03/2008 | 11:05 | מאת: Jean

Had breast reduction & lift surgery 23 July 2007. A total of 5 pounds was removed from my breasts. Everything went well except that within two weeks, my left breast was swollen AND had to be drained of liquid (quite a lot). I felt relieved except now just under my left arm on the side of the breast, I have a good sized hard lump (fat necrosis I assume). I know this is most likely the remainder of the liquid that just stayed in the breast. Different info on internet says that these lumps can take many months to go away AND other sights said that they are permanent AND have to be removed surgically...I had a lot of breast tissue removed 980 grams one side AND over a 1000 grams on the other. I am happy with the results except for this large lump at the back of the breast under the arm...any advice AND suggestions...any special creams (I am using Vitamin E), that could help lighten the scars. Thanks, I appreciate your answer as soon as possible

I read your request AND don't know how much I can help without examining the lump but I have to assume that it might be fat necrosis OR simply a lymph node that got swollen as a result of the drainage. As long as you aren't running a fever with this AND there is minimal tenderness I wouldn't be concerned as it may resolve on its own. Time will tell What does the operating surgeon think? Dr. feinerman

16/03/2008 | 10:19 | מאת: preetybaby

Ok, i'm completly new on this forum. I was thinking about getting a tt done after weight loss. Complete weight loss, I want more children. Does this mean if i get the tt done , i won't be able to have more children? What is a mini tuck?

לקריאה נוספת והעמקה

My general recommendation is to put off doing tummy tucks until after you have finished having children AND subsequent prenancies after the surgery will simply stretch out the repair. Part of most abdominoplasties is repair of the stretched abdominal muscle. The minituck is through a smaller incision just large enough to to repair the muscle without removing skin OR making a new belly button. Dr. feinerman

12/03/2008 | 12:15 | מאת: Lois Kraus

I want to know the difference between fat suctioning AND ultrasound treatments to remove it

The basic difference between the two approaches is that the standard suction procedure is invasive. It creates bruising, discomfort, swelling AND requires wearing a pressure garment for many weeks after the treatment. Final results are seen only after 6 months OR more. The major advantage is that it is one treatment. Ultrashape is not invasive, does not hurt, there is no swelling AND no special garments are needed. Results from each treatment are seen in two to three weeks. The disadvantage is that it takes a number of treatments AND each treatment can take an hour.

28/07/2008 | 21:47 | מאת: judy

how does th fat leave th body? where can this procedure be done ? would like to hear from someone who has undergone it if possible how much does each treatment cost?

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