What are the risks of interrupting use of medicin

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30/08/2011 | 22:01 | מאת: olah kvar lo chadasha

I am a stage IV breast cancer case. After finishing two of the available hormone blockers, I want to take a break from the oncological medicines - as long as I feel well - in order to spread the effectivess of the remaining medicines over a longer period. Meanwhile I do all possible efforts with diet and supplements (in short: vegan + broccoli sprouts and blueberries, and tofu) and daily long intense walks. My question: what is the risk of not using the oncological medicines until/unless I start noticing that I need them - and stopping them after they took away the immediate problem? FYI: Operated 11 years ago; diagnosed with metatstases 5 years ago - since then treated with Arimidex until it didn't work anymore (3 yr) and Tamoxifen which also doesn't work anymore (after 2 yrs). The last CT (May 2011) showed that the cancer is only active in the chest near the place where it all started, near the scar, "nibbling" from the chestbone. I feel excellent; no pains, no breathing problems.

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It is possible to hold chemotherapy or hormon-therapy until a well documented disease progression is visible in one of the tests or until the appearence of disease progression symptoms meanwile it is possible to use diet, medical herbs and mushruooms , antioxidants and more in order to try to delay disease progression Dr Joseph Brenner

06/09/2011 | 09:51 | מאת: גובי

1. As your cancer is ER-Positive, I would recommend staying away from soy as (even fermented soy) as much as possible 2. for the tumor in your breast I suggest you investigate microwave ablation. are you on some kind of bisphosfonate such as zomera or aredia? 3. with respect to alternative medicine, the choices are just too wide, and one has to learn more about you and your case before suggesting treatments blessings שלמה גוברמן מחבר: סרטן אפשר לנצח

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