dislocated arm treatment

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08/06/2007 | 02:52 | מאת: liran

hello doctor im writing in english because im abroad in the state of guatemala... six weeks ago i had an accident while riding a horse, i fell AND had a full dislocation of the elbow, i got a cast for one week AND then a fiberglass cast for another 4 weeks, i put the cast out a week ago,and i sense pain whenever i put pressure on my arm. plus the top angle when i try to straight the elbow is about 110 degrees AND when i try to fold the elbow its about 80 degrees. the orthopedist who checked after a week from the accident told me that the bones are fully aligned AND that there were no harm to the RETZUÒT AND that when ill put it out i should start physiotherapy. my question is what kind of regular exercises should i do AND for how long, AND if the entire case sounds normal? i really need an advice ergantly because i due to come back to israel in only 3 monthes from now. you can respond in hebrew as well.... thank you very much.

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מצורף פרוטוקול שיקום בהצלחה http://www.sportsmedicine.upmc.com/InjuriesDislocatedElbowRehab.htm