What about courses in English?

דיון מתוך פורום  'שפת אם' - תקשורת דואלית עם תינוקות

18/08/2005 | 18:25 | מאת: Emma

I'm a proud Granny of two grandchidren.My elder grandson lives with his parents in the States AND was taught AND expressed wonderfully as well as communicated by the help of sign language. My daughter (we live in Ra'anana) gave birth to Mirit 5 months ago. Could you please tell us where AND who teaches the same method of communication (course, lessons?)with babies here in Israel. Thanks, Emma.

19/08/2005 | 17:29 | מאת:

Dear Emma, Thank you for addressing this issue. A Course in English is an option if you would form a group of at least 7 families; Moms OR Grannies OR both. We provide courses in Raanana at a beautiful place called "Ktanim Gdolim". You can get further details at their website: http://www.ktanim-gdolim.co.il/ We look forward to hearing AND seeing you with us.