sports hernia

דיון מתוך פורום  שיאצו וטווינה

06/12/2006 | 07:57 | מאת: yossi

I live in Raanana. for few months now i have a weird pain in the lower abdomen, groin area, AND from what i have read it must be sports hernia.. i have done few sports massages but noone knows how to treat this problem,, any suggestions? thanks

07/12/2006 | 14:45 | מאת:

Hello yossi I don’t have enough info, but from what you describe, your problem may indeed be "sports hernia". twina AND shiatsu can help hasten your recovery by circulating the energy AND blood around the injured area, But acupuncture may help even more. In any case if you suffer from "sport's hernia" the recovery won't be quick AND you need a good rest for a while. Good luck Eli